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Heavy Duty Zero Turn Mowers on the Gold Coast  

Gold Coast Mowers offers an extensive range of zero turn ride-on mowers, suitable for tackling all sized properties and projects. We have a variety of high-powered commercial zero turn mowers and small domestic models available at our showroom, each designed to save you time on your mowing. 
Our zero turn ride-on mowers offer superior manoeuvrability, enabling you to turn around on the spot. Complete with one or two levers, you can fully control which direction you want to go in one swift movement.
There are a number of fantastic advantages to choosing this type of machine over the alternatives:
  • First and foremost is, of course, how incredibly manoeuvrable it is. Being able to independently control the wheels means you can move in any direction you need as easy as you like.
  • Generally, you’ll cut (excuse the pun) the amount of time it takes to mow your grass areas down substantially due to its intense manoeuvrability
  • Because the amount of time you need to use them to get the job done, you’re not using as much fuel. Also, with less engine wear they’ll last longer as a whole!
We offer a full selection mowers and other yard equipment

Chances are, you’re also looking for some accompanying equipment on top of the mower. If so, we’d be happy to assist with that as well! Our product range covers a number of other gardening tools, from brushcutters to hedge trimmers and everything in between.

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Hustler Raptor 42
The Hustler Raptor 42" is a best in category.
Heavy-duty fabricated steel decks - not stamped!
Fabricated heavy-duty steel frame.
Lowest seat height in the industry - provides exceptional control and handling!
Hustler Raptor 52
Hustler Raptor 52"
Hustler's all new Raptor is designed to the highest of standards and is poised to lead the zero-turn market in the entry level category, delivering the best-in-class overall value versus the competition.
Hustler Raptor SD 42
The Raptor SD is a low profile, heavy-duty premium residential zero-turn with a deep fabricated steel deck, toughest front end with large 13" front tyres, and exceptional control and handling.

Hustler Raptor SD 42
The Raptor SD also features an industry leading Kawasaki engine that provides unmatched power versus the competition. Another of the Raptor SD range comes with a 3 blade 48" deck.

Hustler Raptor SD 54
The Raptor SD also features an industry leading Kawasaki engine that provides unmatched power versus the competition. Another of the Raptor SD range comes with a 3 blade 54" deck.

Hustler FasTrak 48
The Hustler Fastrak is perfect for commercial use, with all the strength, durability and power you could ever need. It is easy to steer and also designed with homeowners in mind, making mowing domestic lawns a breeze.

Hustler FasTrak 54
Cutting the edge of your flowerbeds at home with skill and ideal for commercial use, mowing will never be as easy or as enjoyable ever again.


Hustler FasTrak 60
This ain't your neighbor's mower... though he'll wish it were. The Hustler FasTrak has all the strength, durability and power needed for commercial use. As proof, we offer a remarkable 4-year limited residential warranty plus limited lifetime warranties on the frame and leading edge of the deck. That's a serious mower.
Delivering a professional cut time after time, this commercial-grade zero turn mower operates in tight spaces and comes complete with more horsepower, wider tires and a welded steel deck.
When you climb aboard the Hustler Super Duty 42”, you’re able to steer and operate like never before. From zero turns in tight spaces and mowing straight lawns effortlessly, there’s nothing not to love.

For easy steering and an outstanding cut every time, you can always rely on this dominant machine. This commercial-grade zero turn mower is every homeowners dream.  
If you’re the type of person who always wants more, you can go wrong with the Hustler Super Duty 54” mower. Complete with more horsepower, wider tyres and a welded steel deck, you’ll be envied by the whole neighbourhood.
This machines SmoothTrak steering makes mowing the lawn a walk in the park at an industry setting of 8 mph. No tight space or corner is overlooked when you put the Hustler Super Duty in charge.
Hustler X-One 48
Complete with the perfect combination of power and versatility, the X-One ensures you get an ultra-clean and tidy cut time after time.


Hustler X-One 54
With heavy-gauge rectangular tubing and a mainframe built for strength and a narrowed body which carries three deck sizes to suit each user’s individual needs.

Hustler X-One 60
The X-One zero turn mowers come with a top speed of 11mph, making light and quick work on jobs small to the largest of scales.

Hustler Super Z 60
Designed with the industry leading HyperDrive system, the new Hustler Super Z guarantees exceptional performance.

Hustler Super Z 66
Complete with new enhanced features including Grammer suspension seating, 26 inch tyres and a ground speed of 16mph, mowing has never felt quicker.
Hustler Super Z 72
Backed with a 5 year and 3000 hour warranty, you can mow with complete confidence when investing in this zero turn mower.
Hustler Super Z 60
Making mowing the lawn an enjoyable experience with innovative HyperDrive systems, V deck technology.  
Hustler Super Z Diesel 54
With a top speed of 11.5mph, the Hustler Super Z Diesel is perfect for commercial operators needing a hard and fast mowing machine. 

Hustler Super Z Diesel 60
Guaranteed to get the toughest jobs done with ease, complete with a heavy-duty 25 hp engine positioned over the drive tyres, a zero turn mower has never been so productive.
Hustler Super Z Diesel 72
The Hustler Super Z Diesel comes with a compact frame and low centre of gravity, giving this zero turn mower increased stability.

Hustler Super Z Diesel 60
When you need a convenient diesel zero turn mower, nothing works harder or faster, making it the perfect addition to your impressive commercial fleet.

Hustler Super 104
There’s only one wide area mower that you can trust to mow up to 84 acres in 8 hours, and that’s the Hustler Super 104. Featuring a 104” cutting width, HyperDrive system, hydraulic wing deck lift and premium suspension seating, it will mow where others can’t.
Hustler 3700 Diesel 72
Complete with seasonal versatility and an outstanding diesel engine, no job is too big or small for this hardworking machine.

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